The Idea Artwork Behind The Lord Of The Rings: Rings Of Energy

The Lord of the Rings: Rings Of Power

Picture: Amazon

Whereas Amazon’s large Lord of the Rings present most likely wasn’t the success anybody concerned in bankrolling or selling it may need been hoping for, there was nonetheless some great things there, and one of many large issues that I wished to give attention to for this was the work that went into designing its world.

Whereas we’ve seen Center Earth a bunch of occasions on the display, from 70s cartoons to Peter Jackson’s six movies, there have been a bunch of locations on this prequel collection that we’d solely ever heard of. From the island kingdom of Numenor to the Southlands to the Harfoot’s travelling village, the staff of artists—headed by Rick Heinrichs and Ramsey Avery—engaged on Rings of Energy have been tasked with taking a world we thought we knew and displaying us, nicely, you haven’t seen all of it, or not less than not when it was this outdated.

On this slideshow you’ll discover a collection of works from a few of the artists chargeable for this, primarily those working in 2D on stuff like ideas and atmosphere design. There are hyperlinks to every artist’s portfolios of their names, displayed on the prime of every slide.

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