The 7 most well-known legendary locations

The 7 most well-known legendary locations

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All through historical past, mankind has typically been enthralled by tales of legendary locations, cities, and paradises shrouded in secrets and techniques and misplaced to the sands of time. These legendary areas pervade all nice cultural histories. Some have served as allegories for extra affluent and peaceable occasions, others as locations to seek out and conquer!

Whereas philosophers weaved tales about misplaced cities, ancients additionally dreamt of locations that when gave rise to utopian golden ages. A journey via the historical past of those fabled lands has captivated many. Some individuals may even be impressed to imagine in them another time.  

Listed here are the seven most well-known legendary locations on the earth.


Not like many tales whose origins have been misplaced to the historic file, we all know precisely when and who invented the story of Atlantis. The story was first advised by Plato round 330 BCE, in two of his dialogues “Timaeus” and “Critias.” It’s been established that there was no file of Atlantis earlier than these texts and that Plato created this place as a plot gadget in his tales.  

The Sunken Metropolis of Atlantis was purported to be an extremely highly effective civilization that was subtle, rich and based by demigods. It was made up of many concentric islands with unique crops and animals aplenty. He used these individuals for example of what befalls a nation after they succumb to hubris.

Regardless of this story’s origin in pure fiction, many individuals over the millennia have sought out this legendary place. Quite a lot of the speculations have been impressed by a e-book written by a Minnesota politician, Ignatius L. Donnelly, in 1882. He believed that Plato thought-about Atlantis an actual place. He went on to clarify its histories and supposed rule over massive swathes of the world, his principle being that every one historical civilizations descended from this one land.


Glastonbury, a city in England well-known for its neo-pagan beliefs and native Arthurian legends, was as soon as considered the placement for the legendary, idyllic and misplaced paradise of Avalon. The primary point out of Avalon was in 1136 via Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia Regum Britanniae. In line with Arthurian legend, the island was dominated by Morgan le Fay, an enchantress who nursed King Arthur again to well being after a battle.     

The magical land was generally known as the Island of Apples as a result of it was supposedly lined in wild grapevines and apple forests. Its inhabitants have been immortals as effectively. This was the place that the nice sword Excalibur was solid, and it’s the place King Arthur was laid to relaxation and laid on a mattress of gold.  


A few hundred years earlier than Plato’s time, the Historic Greeks imagined a spot referred to as Arcadia. This early-vision utopia can be the identify of a area in modern-day Greece. In historical mythology, Arcadia was a pastoral back-to-nature place. The wilderness housed Pan, a woodlands God who resided along with his nymphs and satyrs as his guards of a unending hedonistic paradise. This was a spot the place beings better than people ascended to and lived in affluent delight for a whole lot of years — an Eden the place spirits and gods gallivanted in ecstasy and longevity.     

Arcadia has remained a preferred muse for artists from antiquity to the fashionable period. Virgil and Ovid set lots of their poems in these primeval forests. Medieval European writers and Renaissance painters all tried to seize the spirit of this golden-age land. Arcadia is the archetypical view of a spot untouched by civilization the place people dwell as gods.

El Dorado

Conquistadors driving via Sixteenth-century South America scoured the land for a legendary metropolis of gold. El Dorado began out as a narrative a few king named “The Gilded One.” He was stated to be a local king who powdered his physique with gold and tossed ornate jewels right into a lake as a part of his coronation. These tales ultimately would morph right into a story of a kingdom relatively than a person man.

The legends grew over time because the Europeans unfold and found extra of South America. The golden metropolis was a spot of untold status and wealth, which captivated loads of adventurers. El Dorado was stated to be subsequent to Lake Guatavita – an actual area they’d ultimately discover. When explorers discovered the lake, they lowered the extent of the water and located a whole lot of gold items. However the fabled metropolis remained out of their grasp till all swathes of South American land have been ultimately lined and the parable was no extra.


This hidden land was advised via tales many ages earlier than Atlantis. There are numerous origins to Lemuria, some occult writings, pseudo-histories and even scientific musings of a misplaced continent as effectively. Many texts from the east discuss a land referred to as ‘Ra-Mu.’ In some sacred Tibetan texts, this land is also called Muri or Lemuria.  

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Madame Blavatsky, a Russian occultist who co-founded the Theosophical society in 1875, wrote an exciting fiction about this secret land. In The Secret Doctrine, Blavatsky claims that Lemuria contained a 3rd race of Lemurians. She additionally posited that Atlantis additionally existed. Her Lemurians have been described as having 4 arms and a psychic eye on the again of their head, which they used to speak with each other via telepathy. It is a particular favourite amongst occultists and esoteric conspiracists.


Shambhala is a Sanskrit phrase which means “place of peace.” That is an historical legendary paradise that predates Tibetan Buddhism. The identify was first seen within the scriptures of Zhang Zhung in western Tibet. In line with the legend, it’s a sort of heaven the place solely the purest can dwell in a spot bountiful with love and knowledge. There is no such thing as a outdated age or struggling right here on this legendary kingdom.

Often known as Shangri-la, this place has been referred to as by many names all through the years. Typically referred to as the Forbidden Land, Land of Radiant Spirits and Land of the Dwelling Gods. Many westerners believed it to be an actual place for a while, hidden deep inside the Tibetan mountains. In Buddhist traditions it’s stated to be dominated over by a future Buddha named Maitreya and when the world declines into abject struggle and degeneracy, an amazing struggle will come because the Shambhala Kings experience out to defeat “darkish forces” It’s after this time during which the world will likely be ushered into a brand new Golden Age.


A spot of intrigue for a lot of explorers, poets, and even Nazi occultists, Thule was a territory that was stated to be situated within the frozen north close to the Arctic. The story dates again to 4th century BCE when a Greek explorer named Pytheas claimed to have traveled to an icy island north of Scotland.

A lot of Pytheas’ fellow explorers doubted the validity of his claims, however the Thule legend would dwell on via the ages. Finally, the unique location was almost definitely a mistaken Norway or Iceland. The parable of the island is most famously related to the Thule Society, a World Conflict I group that believed Thule to be the ancestral dwelling of an Aryan race.

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