In Marvel’s Secret Invasion collection, Skrulls infiltrate the Avengers

In Marvel’s Secret Invasion collection, Skrulls infiltrate the Avengers

Ryan North will quickly take the reins on Marvel’s First Household when he and artist Jesus Aburtov kick off their Unbelievable 4, however within the meantime, he’s tackling the second-oldest villains in Unbelievable 4 historical past: Skrulls. North has promised a self-contained, five-issue alien spy thriller along with his and artist Francesco Mobili’s Secret Invasion, and the primary subject delivers.

But it surely additionally delights, or at the least it does me particularly, by displaying us the signal on the door to the Avengers’ unisex lavatory.

What else is going on within the pages of our favourite comics? We’ll inform you. Welcome to Monday Funnies, Polygon’s weekly checklist of the books that our comics editor loved this previous week. It’s half society pages of superhero lives, half studying suggestions, half “have a look at this cool artwork.” There could also be some spoilers. There will not be sufficient context. However there will likely be nice comics. (And if you happen to missed the final version, learn this.)

A view of the door of the unisex bathroom for “Avengers Only”, marked with a sign depicting the Hulk and She-Hulk in silhouette. Inside, a revealed Skrull talks to himself in a mirror “That’s not the news I was hoping to hear today,” in Secret Invasion #1 (20220.

Picture: Ryan North, Francesco Mobili/Marvel Comics

OK OK OK so I do know that the explanation that is so clearly marked as a unisex lavatory is that if it wasn’t, then it could be a giant clue to the reader as to which of the Avengers has been secretly changed by a shapeshifting Skrull. However have a look at it. It’s received the silhouettes of the Hulk and She-Hulk on it. It’s good.

Poison Ivy thinks “I tell myself it’s just food. Just muscle and sap and the fruiting bodies of fungi. And for the first time in years, I feel like I can relax,” as she uses her hands to tear Jason Woodrue’s fungal and plant body apart, and stuffs each dripping handful into her mouth to chew in Poison Ivy #6 (2022).

Picture: G. Willow Wilson, Marcio Takara/DC Comics

I’m so, so glad Poison Ivy will proceed for an additional six points, in order that I can get extra of the comedian during which Pamela Isley defeats her plant-based antagonist, Jason Woodrue — the scientist was the supply of her trauma and superpowers — after which devours his type, handful by mycelial handful, to maintain him from returning to life.

Narration boxes describe Jean Paul valley keeping the Satan angel from his regeneration until he died, as Jean kneels and weeps by the angel’s side in Sword of Azrael #4 (2022).

Picture: Dan Watters, Nikola Čižmešija/DC Comics

Who’s Sword of Azrael for, apart from me? I do not know, I’m simply thanking my fortunate stars for this Evangelion-inflected comedian about Jean-Paul Valley being unhappy about how the worst and most ridiculous model of the Catholic Church is a imply one who lives in his head and makes him do violence.

[Ed. note: Content warning for suicide.]

“Let me tell you what everyone really thinks of you, sneers a creepy dude villain, as Mary stumbles wearily through a black space filled with increasingly larger text. The text is all mean internet comments, calling her ugly, a screwup, a joke, garbage, until finally she falls to her knees surrounded by all-caps block text reading “Why don’t you just go kill yourself?” in The New Champion of Shazam! #3 (2022).

Picture: Josie Campbell, Evan “Doc” Shaner/DC Comics

I’m so unhappy The New Champion of Shazam will finish with subject 4. Josie Campbell has written a cracking story for it and Doc Shaner… I imply, Shaner is all the time nice. However his love for Mary Bromfield (nee Marvel) comes by way of in each drawing of her. And this specific sequence, during which she battles a villain who basically weaponizes what folks say about you on-line, is so devastatingly, fantastically, successfully rendered.

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